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The next round of 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge it starts on July 1st and to give you the best chance of success, there will be a gap week before. Use this week to slow down, try and cook lots of delicious belly warming recipes and build your meal prep stash so you have everything you need to make our 12 Week Winter Challenge a success!

So… What exactly is Gap Week!?

Gap Week is a time to slow down (without stopping!) and prepare for what’s next 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge or 12 Week Challenge. Each Gap week has a theme, such as Detox, Cleanse, Bulk Cooking, Slow Cooking or High Budget. Starting the Challenge on the right foot means you are more likely to get good results, stay motivated and achieve your goals.

Tell me more about the Slow Cooker Meal Plan!

We know that winter can be a difficult time to get motivated. You are not alone!

Cold weather and rain often make it difficult to get out and stay active. Most of us just want to curl up in the living room or by the fire, read a book or binge watch Netflix. Plus, those unhealthy comfort foods are so tempting, not to mention all the layers and big jackets we can hide under, no wonder staying motivated feels like such a challenge!

That’s why we created this slow cooker food plan. This program is full of delicious recipes that you can enjoy with your family, without all the excess calories.

How do I access it?

As a member of 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge, you can use the Healthy Mummy App to access the Slow Cooker Meal Plan.

With 3 meals and 3 snacks a day, you will feel satisfied with good food. This meal plan is designed with amazing slow cooker recipes to share and enjoy with loved ones and to build your frozen stash!

Where to find the Meal Plan in the Healthy Mom App

This amazing gap meal plan for the week is available on the app now!

  1. Go to the Home Screen in the Healthy Mom App and click on Food in the bottom center of your screen. Then click on the current month under the Challenge Theme.

2. Select Slow Cook, under Energy Development. Once you click on Slow Cooking it will take you to the Meal Plan that starts on Monday.

We got it!

For more information on how to customize your meal plans click here

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