Dorian Yates’ Underhand Close-Grip Pulldown Tips for Biceps and Core

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Dorian Yates is Mr. A six-time Olympian, so when he speaks, the bodybuilding community listens and in a recent Instagram post, ‘The Shadow’ delivered some of his trademark no-nonsense advice, sharing his favorite variations.

“So, yeah, why do I do this, and why don’t I do this,” Yates asked her 1.7 million+ Instagram followers, as he showed a penchant for undercutting rather than overdoing it. “Because this is a very short range of motion,” he explained, referring to the wide overhead grip. “Also, I put the biceps in a weak spot.” Instead, Yates says he’ll use an overhand grip. “Greater range of motion, better conditioned biceps. You never, ever need to do this  exercise. It’s a waste of time,” Yates scolded.

Since a wide grip is associated with lat pulldowns, some IG fans were surprised by this tip, but Yates explained in the caption that the overhead, narrow grip pulldown was the foundation of his back technique and he will use it as his second exercise. “Hand placement is closer than shoulder width apart and pull through your elbows, tuck them into your lats and hold for a second with a slow negative.”

How to do the Dorian Yates Underhand Close-Grip Pulldown

This exercise will build your biceps and core

  1. Hold the bar “closer” than shoulder-width apart, advises Yates
  2. Pull the bar down
  3. Squeeze the biceps and return under the pull
  4. Slowly control the rise of the bar, keeping your chin up
  5. Repeat

While some fans are divided on this advice, Yate explained that it puts his biceps in a strong position to take on heavy loads while providing a greater range of motion and longer duration over all repetitions. “The pros and cons of each variation. It all depends on what you want to target,” wrote one IG user. “I love it when ppl try to argue with @thedorianyates about building muscle,” one fan joked. As a consecutive winner of Mr. Olympia from 1992 to 1997, our ears are always open, Mister!

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