7 Best Compact Home Gym equipment for Small Spaces in 2023

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There are many options available for home gyms and there are many brands with a variety of features. Home gym setup got you lost? We’ll point you in the right direction. Here are 5 important things to consider when shopping for a home gym.

Investing more money in a home gym can only bring better results. Sure, you can find some great value treadmills that perform reasonably well on the budget treadmill market.

Focus now: common features and key considerations for this category:


Find your perfect fit! Explore compact home gyms for every space & goal. These designs have found a way to solve the footprint problem without reducing functionality.

Traditional gyms get compact! Mini-gyms with cables & pulleys fold or shrink for smaller spaces.

There are also Total Gym-style machines, which feature a sliding seat on rails to use your own bodyweight for resistance. These units may still take up a bit of space when in use, but they fold up after your workout, generally allowing you to store them in a closet or under the bed.

Home Series - Total Gym XLS Personal Training System

If you’re short on space, the so-called “gym in a box” options are a great solution. As mentioned, the Body Boss model above offers more than 200 exercises, using a variety of brands and accessories.

Portable & storable: These may lack features, but go anywhere!

The design you choose will depend on your goals. Obviously, if you’re looking to build muscle and strength, something that allows you to add your own Olympic plates will be ideal.

Alternatively, if you just want to stay in shape and value your space more than shifting weight, then a gym in a box-style unit will be more convenient for you.


The characteristics of a compact multi gym will generally be determined by its design. For example, if you’re shopping for a gym in a box-style unit, you know that most of the features will be resistance bands and accessories.

On the other hand, larger, and often more expensive, multi-gyms usually feature a bench, frame, cable/pulley system, and whatever resistance they use.

Free Exercise Tools On Gray Surface Stock Photo

The frames won’t be particularly bulky on these compact units. Also, to keep your footprint to a minimum, these gyms may have a removable bench or a means to fold the bench vertically, thus saving space after you’ve finished your session.

The pulley system offered by a unit will define the movements it can perform. High pulleys allow you to do things as lat pulls and tricep pulls, while low pulleys are what is required for shoulder presses, vertical rows, and bicep curls.

Some multi-gyms will feature an intermediate pulley system, which is great for doing chest presses, rows, and basic exercises like weighted sit-ups and trunk rotations.

If your multi-gym has a bench, it likely has a leg builder as well. These devices are equipped with cushioned rollers that allow you to perform leg extensions and curls, targeting the quadriceps and hamstrings.

Move away from traditional home gyms and opt for Total Gym style units and the feature set changes. Cable systems offer unique variations on presses, curls, pulls & more.

These models come with all the essentials (handles) plus extras like ankle straps, wings, and a dip bar.

Regardless of which multi-gym style you choose, expect at least some kind of exercise guide to go along with it. Sometimes this can be as simple as a movement sheet, while others will offer you a complete package of exercise cards, DVDs, wall charts, and even nutrition guides.


These elements incorporate adjustability in their design, where you can easily convert the incline levels according to your preference.

Some models include a telescopic design that helps you extend or contract the height. You want equipment that you can easily adjust to match your training requirements and help you add dimension to your exercises.

All of the best compact home gyms come with an adjustable pulley system to accommodate different body sizes and fitness levels.

Just be sure to choose a model with enough adjustability so that you can start with your current fitness level and have room to grow. That way, you will have a lasting contribution to your home gym setup.

Weight capacity

This is another crucial consideration to keep in mind when looking for your shiny new multi-gym for a small space. Home gyms are not commercial grade.

I wish they were, but if they were, they would be much bigger and heavier and cost considerably more. Lighter home gym machines have lower weight capacities, so consider this when shopping.

Over 300 lbs? This 250lb capacity gym won’t work (weight loss goals anyone?)

The maximum user weight capacity is there for a reason, and that reason is to keep you safe.Avoid weight machine overload! Check max user weight before buying for your home gym.


The price will be a deciding factor for many of you, and that’s perfectly understandable. Smart money buys smart fitness. Get the most out of your multi gym purchase.

However, the thing to remember is that you get what you pay for when you buy fitness equipment. Look beyond price – cheap often means flimsy and frustrating. Avoid looking for affordable budget models or Chinese imports as they will likely suck and could even be potentially dangerous. That said, you don’t need to spend an absolute fortune either.

Skip the expensive gym! Affordable home gyms offer everything you need.Multi-gym out of budget? Research average costs and consider alternatives.

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