New Initiatives Introduced to Reduce Medical Staff Burden

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More than 50 health care programs have been developed at Redesign Health since it was founded in 2018. Several of these startups have been launched this year, including Valendo Health, a value-based endocrinology company, and Beanstalk Benefits, a platform that allows employees to create. their own benefits.

On Monday, another startup created at Redesign – called Stitch PEO – announced its launch, and $8.75 million raised in seed funding. The San Francisco-based company is a professional recruiting organization for independent medical practices, designed to improve recruiting, hiring, onboarding, and other key human resources processes.

Private medical groups face complex challenges, says Stitch CEO Rajesh Voddiraj.

“Small and mid-sized practices struggle to compete in the hiring environment, provide valuable training and certification, and provide benefits that ensure employees feel secure and focused on patient care. Despite their important role in the health care system, private practices lack the infrastructure, resources and scale to manage employee benefits and HR functions effectively,” he explained.

This means that doctors have to shoulder the burden of onerous and expensive employer responsibilities, such as compliance, benefits management, payroll and staffing.

Stitch wants to improve the way private medical groups manage their workforce by providing a comprehensive HR platform tailored to their needs, announced Voddiraj.

“The Stitch platform addresses the HR, payroll and benefits management needs of small and mid-sized healthcare practices, streamlining operations and reducing administrative burden,” he said. “Using a collaborative employment model, Stitch brings together employees in various practices to create and negotiate the best benefits – including health, dental, vision, health, disability, 401(K) and a variety of other benefits.”

The platform also offers customizable dashboards and advanced recruiting tools, Voddiraj added. He noted that his implementation tools are designed to be scalable and easily tailored to the needs of each practice.

In his view, Stitch’s platform improves the entire employee life cycle – from attracting and hiring talent, to onboarding and managing current employees, to operational efficiency.

“Our platform enables the client to manage the hiring process, including posting jobs to various job boards, managing applications, and providing data-driven insights on salary ranges, helping practices attract and retain top talent. Automated onboarding ensures that new hires complete their new hire paperwork including benefits registration but also mandatory training on key topics like HIPAA and EMR before starting their roles,” explained Voddiraj.

He noted that the platform also continuously monitors healthcare regulations and provides system updates to ensure compliance.

The fact that Stitch’s platform is built exclusively for healthcare practices is what sets it apart from larger professional recruiting organizations like Insperity, ADP TotalSource and Rippling, Voddiraj pointed out.

“Unlike traditional PEOs, Stitch understands the detailed needs of healthcare roles, from authorization to compliance. This industry-specific focus allows Stitch to offer complementary services, such as healthcare-specific training and malpractice insurance, that are typically not offered by other PEOs,” he said.

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